Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Witness the Hippie Culture at Amsterdam Coffeeshops

The coffeeshops in Amsterdam should not be confused with cafes which have been a part of its culture since 1970’s, when the Dutch government came up with strict laws and made drew a line of distinction  between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ drugs. The coffeeshops in this city have always existed in its legal grey area unlike the other fully legal smart shops of Amsterdam.

Guidelines for First-time Coffeeshop Visitor

A first-time visitor to Amsterdam can often get puzzled with the term ‘coffeeshop’ because it is used to refer various kinds of establishments. But in Amsterdam, it is the licensed seller of cannabis product while a coffee house or koffiehuis sells coffee and light meals. On the other hand a café is a casual restaurant with or without a bar where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner.  You can identify a coffeeshop with the help of a green or white sticker which is displayed on its window that designates the legality of its business.

Amsterdam attracts millions of bag packers every year. It is matter of debate among Lawmakers, citizens and local shop owners about the future of this city but it gets most of revenue from tourism. Who said you cannot be Brad Pitt or hang out with George Clooney? Just walk into DampKring which has been immortalized in Ocean’s Twelve , even if you do not find Hollywood shooting its sequel, you can feel the movie atmosphere through its background. This is one best coffee shop in Amsterdam with psychedelic walls, trippy tables and art which welcomes everyone with open heart. It gives you a true Amsterdam coffee shop experience and even if you do not have a partner a resident cat is always there to accompany you. So book cheap flight tickets to Amsterdam.

Cannabis Laws in Amsterdam

Today, the Amsterdam City Council in agreement with coffee shop union Bond van Cannabis Detaillisten (BCD) allows operation of such establishments with a set of laid rules and non-transferable licenses.  It is mandatory for these coffeeshops to display an official sign of green and white sticker on their window. High Time Cannabis Cup is one of the major events in Amsterdam coffeeshops which is one of the biggest attractions of the cities and held towards the end of November which is towards the end of Thanksgiving week. It is one of the major smoking events where tourists can witness cannabis cloud and coffee shop crawls throughout the city.  You can witness this by booking cheapest airline tickets to Amsterdam.

Coffeeshops for Tourists

Under the drug policy rule the sale of cannabis product in small quantities is allowed by licensed coffee shops  But majority of these establishment also serve food and drinks but not alcohol. As a tourist you should know that a coffeeshop does not sell alcohol and it does not have a pub-like culture. Some used to sell beer but in 2007 the Dutch government changed rules and dictated that a coffee shop can either sell alcohol or cannabis product. The tourists are exempted from this ban on smoking cannabis in Amsterdam. It will not enforce the ban on sale of marijuana for its two million tourists that smoke and but cannabis from Amsterdam ‘coffeeshops’ on their visit every year. So are you planning to buy last minute flight ticket to Amsterdam?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Top 5 Things Not to Do in Paris

Every tourist knows that Paris is a huge city with endless number of things. This ‘City of Lights’ and ‘City of Stinky Cheese’ is visited by millions with cheap airlines tickets to Paris due to its legendary seductive charms and for other reasons like inviting sidewalks, gleaming boutiques, pavement cafés, world class museums and multi-cuisine restaurants which makes Paris appear like  runway models- smart, confident and beautiful.

So, here are 5 things not to do in Paris:

Do Not Buy Luxury Goods

Though it is fashion capital but do not go to Paris with a thought that luxury goods will be cheaper. This is because French luxury goods need to keep their image in global market. You should come out of the idea that just because Paris is home for luxury goods and are manufactured in France does not mean that tourist will get a discount.  All fine things take lot of time and dedication to come out as finished product. So do not dream coming here that a Louis Vitton bag, a Chanel jacket or a Hermes boot will cost you less rather they are all high priced here.

Do Not Order from a La Carte Menu

If you think that going out for a dinner at in a fancy restaurant will let you enjoy the best of French cuisine then you might be mistaken. With low budget flights to Paris from UK, definitely on your trip you would like get the best of wine and authentic cheese. So, instead of just going around and picking food stuffs go for prix fixe menu which is an economical way to enjoy variety of things in a platter. But do not go for something which has been labeled as ‘tourist menu’ because you will not find much option and often find that they skimp on portions.

Holiday to Paris is Not Halloween

When you are in Paris you are not expected to look like a Parisian so, do not don a beret, wear thin moustache, striped shirt, and a red handkerchief. This is because when you go to Texas; do you throw spurs in your boot and wear a 10 gallon hat on your head then why here? You are on a holiday not in a Halloween party. Do not be like others who wear a kimono on visiting Japan.

Restrict Shopping on the Champs-Elysees:  The Champs-Elysees is the most breathtaking avenues in the world but over the years its fortunes has risen and fallen many times. Presently it is filled with global chain stores, movie multiplexes and auto dealership.  This place draws many label lovers and you too will be tempted to purchase that a bag from Vuitton store but say a  big ‘No’ to yourself.  If you happen to pass through McD or Sephora you will teenagers crowding the place.  Do not stop to eat in these places because the restaurants and cafes prey on tourists whereas it is not that easy to fool a local.

Do not Get Nosey French people like to have their own privacy and will wait till you know them quite well before divulging their private details. So do not get nosey as French are reserved people.

To get information on the fashion hub of the world surf Crystal Travel and book cheapest airline tickets to Paris and travel guidelines on how to book cheap flight tickets to Paris.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Embark on a Spiritual Retreat to Rome: A Getaway to Purify your Mind, Soul and Inner Self

As the holiday season approaches, vacationers want to pack off their bags and traverse to far-off lands, in-country destinations, visit relatives, theme parks, beach vacation, lakes, and rivers to unwind themselves. But this does not give us inner peace and at times we return home with not so pleasant experience. So this year, our travel guru suggests you to take a trip of lifetime to enlighten your soul. Consider embarking upon a personal retreat to one of the pilgrimage destinations of the world and for an internal divine retreat which will help you to reflect, contemplate, pray and meditate. This yearning is actually a calling that compels you to be silent and still so book cheap flights tickets to Rome.

Why to Go on Spiritual Retreat?

At some point of time everyone needs some kind of retreat for that inner rejuvenation. It can to break new grounds or simply you want to reclaim your peace amidst your mundane life so going to a spiritual retreat is one of the perfect solution. It is much more worthy than usual vacations where you can stay in harmony with your own spiritual inclinations so get the latest deals and book low budget flights to Rome from UK.

Pilgrimage destination can be the destinations where a religious teacher was born, a miracle or mystery took place and any location which holds a sacred significance. At some point of time many of us want to experience an awesome, powerful and spiritual vacation. A tour to a religious destination will help you to discover and awaken your inner self while you take a holiday in a relaxing and comfortable environment by booking cheap airline tickets to Rome.

A Visit to Rome

This year you can plan to visit Rome which is also known as the ‘Eternal City’ which has been a sacred place and of prime importance since the time of Romans. It is the center for Catholic Christianity and is abundant ancient temples, churches, synagogues and shrines which make it one of the nest holiest cities to visit.

Religious City Break to the Vatican City

A city break to the Vatican City in Rome can give you a chance to know Christianity in close focus. It is land-locked city sovereign city state which comprises of walled enclave within the Rome city. Some travelers call it a more meaning experience which gives them an inner calmness.  Vatican City is the smallest country in the world and a home to Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. This walled city covers an area of 110 acres and is of great spiritual significance to Catholics all over the world but, you do not have to be that religious in order to experience this unique and special place.

Tourists flock to Vatican City when Pope meets the general public and gives blessings to them at St Peter’s Square. The incredible sight of the Sistine chapel is sure to amaze you and some people also come to study its architecture, immerse themselves in Renaissance art and soak in its spiritual atmosphere. So this vacation is truly a memorable experience till then starts looking for low budget flights to Rome.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Photography Getaway to Venice: Capture this Magical City in Pictures

Venice: the Photography Destination

Venice reminds you of gondolas, canals and lip smacking Italian restaurants. It is definitely a city on one’s wish list as you can witness the pristine waterfront palazzos, breathtaking palaces, amazing churches and the drifting canal that make you feel like seeing a beautiful painting. To visit real Venice you need to experience the opera or visit a classical music performance, taste some fresh pasta and pastries, and of course linger in the city’s art gallery. For shopping freaks Piazza San Marco is almost a retreat.

Even if you are romantic at heart, Venice promises to take your breath away so that the city can be experienced with your eyes and mouth- almost split wide open. According to travel experts, it is one of the top travel cities of Europe with its romantic, beautiful and attractive destination. Its small traffic-free streets are excellent to walk through the city. You will also find magnificent palaces, churches, interesting shops and lively squares. For this you need to book cheapest flight tickets to Venice.

Famous Places to Capture in Pictures

Visitors will be surprised to know that Venice comprises of 117 bodies of land that are connected with 400 bridges and 15 canals. The Grand Canal is the main street that cuts across the main city center. Touring around Venice and clicking the pictures of its iconic monuments can be quite adventurous but sometimes language barrier can prove to be obstacle but this journey is worth remembering because you get to witness the interesting landmarks of Venice and places of interest. If you really want to go back home with a wonderful collection of pictures  then  visit, explore, see and tour the places where you will find artisans, situation and people which would otherwise be difficult to come across. You can walk through the off-beaten tracks to witness the most important landmarks and monuments. Explore and witness all these by booking low budget flights tickets to Venice.

Here are some must see places in Venice:

Venice is wonderfully nestled in the Veneto Region of Italy which makes it easy to catch and leave. Here are wonderful getaways to catch within few hours of this incredible city.

Verona: This medieval and splendid city has much to offer to its visitors and is reputation alone inspired by Shakespeare to pen down two historical dramas-Romeo and Juliet and the Gentlemen of Verona. Capulet is so called Juliet’s House which draws millions of tourists every year and many are keen on re-enacting the balcony scene, but do not miss the Palazzo and Roman amphitheater.

Vicenza: The history of this place dates back to pre-Roman times but the city is more popular due to a Renaissance figure, Andrea Palladio. He is one of the prominent figures in Western architecture as he has built more than 20 buildings including Basilica Palladiana, the Palazzo Chiericati and the Teatro Olimpico.

The other places to visit are Padua, Milan, Brescia and Lake Garda.

One of the best things to buy in Venice is the Venetian glass which is found in the island of Murano and a specialty of that place. Even carnival masks make a wonderful gift and souvenirs. So get the best of photographs from this vacation and book cheap flight tickets to Venice.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Cleanse for Life by Going on a Detox Retreat to Brussels

After spending your last vacation cavorting the hookers and hash in Amsterdam, most bag packers find Brussels a dull hub. They often think that it is place to go with your mom and dad but not with your Ukrainian girlfriend then, you might be wrong. Just scratch the surface of the city and you will find an endearing mix of local culture and an ever increasing political scenario. Not every city in Europe is enamored with so many good things of life. So book last minute flight offer to Brussels.

Brussels is small city and better known as the ‘Continental Capital’ of Europe and officially nicknamed as the ‘European Village’. It is a home to world’s best beer, chocolate, fries and wafers. You can spend few days exploring its quirky museums and cobbled streets.  It has almost 90 beautiful parks, city museums, fascinating footpaths, trendy bars and restaurants. But do not forget to visit the three centrally located statues Manneken Pis or the Peeing Boy, the Grand Place and Palais de Justice or the Palace of Justice

There are few destinations in the world that give a health retreat to your body and rejuvenate your soul. Brussels is one of the best places on Earth to go on  detox holidays simply because it helps to de-stress yourself and helps you have some ’me’ time. The place prides on its amazing food, personalized health care packages, breathtaking locales and positive results on your mind and soul. So, are you still waiting to book cheap flight tickets to Brussels ?

But before you venture into health and detox retreat, ask yourself whether you want to lose few kilos, become a fitness freak, take a break or de-stress yourself.  Brussels is the ultimate detox destination for the tune up of your complete mind, body, and soul. The place can help you to rejuvenate and balance from inside out. Usually such health holiday packages comprise of beautiful rooms in a tranquil setting, meals that comprise of fresh fruits and drinks, vegetables that are meant to cleanse, reduce weight and nourish your body.

Brussels is a holiday destination that takes you away from the stress of daily ife so that you can dedicate your time replenishing yourself with the help of yoga, brisk walks, healthy eating, rejuvenating massage and time amidst nature. So it’s time to revive your metabolic system and detox your body for an exciting outdoor activity. This city offers a number of detox programs that are designed to get rid of toxins in your body which are your own body’s waste, caffeine, alcohol and dietary toxins. Apart from all these, there are psychological toxins like environmental pollution and stress. It also has ultra-pampering spas that make your body light and clean up for summer.

Getting to Brussels is quite easy because it has two major airports which are Brussels airport and Charleroi airport both of which welcome cheapest last minute flight to Brussels.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Why to Travel Solo to Amsterdam?

The fact is that there is no easy way to tell your man or lady that you want to hit the road single.  So be sensitive and spill out your travel plans. Make this vacation a complete boy’s tour by following the recommendation of our experts for solo travelers. Everyone has a different approach to enjoy holidays and sometimes being a lone wolf is the best. Just become a vagabond pack your bags and head to Amsterdam because this is an awesome city.   The airfares also won’t be pocket pinching because you can look for economic flight tickets than spend too much in traveling. So look for cheap flights tickets to Amsterdam.

 Expert View  about Amsterdam

It is known for its fun and lively atmosphere. It is quite easy to get around the city by tram, metro, or public bus. Just laze in a city park in the afternoon by watching bicycle traffic. It is a young person’s city and as solo traveler you will find Amsterdam quite friendly. It is just perfect to soak yourself in the city’s climate and is advisable to visit the city in September or by early fall. Our expert suggests that since it’s a student city, it can either expensive or cheap and it can be tacky as well. Dutch is the official language of the place but, English is spoken everywhere in Netherlands. Do not think much and book Amsterdam Air Tickets to witness the best in the city.

Other Places to Visit

Some of the best places to visit are Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum. The compact city center is must watch for walking around. The city also has excellent tram system and one of best public transport. The nightlife of the city is centered on Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein which are just few kilometers apart. These places are surrounded by bars, restaurants, famous coffee shops, nightclubs and outdoor terraces for eating and drinking. The best place for recreation is the city’s Vondelpark which offers an oasis of greenery in the city center. You can also try some sophisticated cocktail bars by booking Amsterdam Flights.

De Wallen: the Red Light District of Amsterdam

Keeping the morals aside do dare to visit De Wallen or De Walletjes which is one of the largest and popular red light districts in Amsterdam. Since prostitution is legal in Netherlands any adult can go for paid sex. Especially De Wallen is one of the major tourist attractions of the place as it stands in the heart of the oldest part of city. The most iconic thing about this place is that De Wallen comprises of an array of alleys that approximately comprises of one hundred small room cabins that are rented by prostitutes to offer sexual services to their clients from behind the glass door or window illuminated by red light. The other things that attract tourists to this place are sex shops, sex theatres, a sex museum, a cannabis museum and number of coffee shops. Of late the Dutch government is already downsizing brothels because the city council of Amsterdam at the request of mayor Job Cohen is concerned about human trafficking and pimping in this area.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Roam amidst the Intriguing Ruins of the Ancient Italian Capital - Rome

The everlasting metropolis of Rome, constructed of ruins is like a living museum with centuries of history, mesmerizing sights, captivating charm, delightful offerings and an experience of living history that has, for ages turned tables as heads around bring in hordes of tourists from around the world on cheap flights to Rome.

Make your stay comfortable in Rome with low budget airlines to Rome

Being a tourist hotspot and receiving visitors from around the globe, Rome is endowed with efficient and convenient options of commuting around the city and lodging and accommodation in the metropolis. Accommodation in the city covers all options with cheap hotel deals, discounted holiday packages, low cost car hire as well as book cheap flight tickets to rome.

From budget travelers seeking moderate priced hotels to tourist seeking adventure to visitors seeking relaxation in the invigorating ambience. Visitors boarding Rome flights will be spoilt with the thrilling choices.

The finest time to journey to Rome is during the spring (April and May) when the city experiences exquisite warm holiday weather with plenty of sunshine and blue skies.

Capturing Moments in the Timeless City with low cost airlines to Rome from UK

If Rome is the endless city, it is also poses as a city with majestic ruins. With cheap air tickets to Rome it's unfeasible to witness all of the temples and monuments from preceding empires. So instigate your tour with the mystifying:
  •          Pantheon
  •          St. Peter's Basilica
  •          The Grand Colosseum
  •          Roman Forum
  •          Baths of Caracalla
With low cost flights to Rome visit the Roman remains, historical landmarks and monuments drive
through the picturesque countryside to the regal cityscape. Most of the major artists were born in Italy, the many museums, churches and even piazzas are the preservers of their art. From the Roman Forum and the Pantheon to the Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla, there are many historical monuments that allure tourists.

Apart from the historical edifices and the under ornate bridges, is the most idealistic waterway in the world. One can be stunned by the variety of Gothic and Renaissance buildings. With its friendly climate, amazing panoramic vistas and 
attractions, Italy attracts visitors from worldwide through low budget flights to Rome from UK.

Do as the Romans Do - Dining & Entertainment in Rome with cheapest airlines to Rome
One of the most treasured pastimes of the Italians is dining. One can feast over the many delectable Italian dishes; you’ll never taste anything than the real thing in Italy. Each region has its own specialties and you will find your experience the closest thing to heaven with cheapest airline tickets to Rome.

Rome is scrumptious and reasonably-priced when it comes to dining out - and while everyone in the world may claim to 'love' Italian food, you cannot really compare 'ordinary' pizza and pasta to the wonderful dishes you can sample in the nation's capital.

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