Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Why to Travel Solo to Amsterdam?

The fact is that there is no easy way to tell your man or lady that you want to hit the road single.  So be sensitive and spill out your travel plans. Make this vacation a complete boy’s tour by following the recommendation of our experts for solo travelers. Everyone has a different approach to enjoy holidays and sometimes being a lone wolf is the best. Just become a vagabond pack your bags and head to Amsterdam because this is an awesome city.   The airfares also won’t be pocket pinching because you can look for economic flight tickets than spend too much in traveling. So look for cheap flights tickets to Amsterdam.

 Expert View  about Amsterdam

It is known for its fun and lively atmosphere. It is quite easy to get around the city by tram, metro, or public bus. Just laze in a city park in the afternoon by watching bicycle traffic. It is a young person’s city and as solo traveler you will find Amsterdam quite friendly. It is just perfect to soak yourself in the city’s climate and is advisable to visit the city in September or by early fall. Our expert suggests that since it’s a student city, it can either expensive or cheap and it can be tacky as well. Dutch is the official language of the place but, English is spoken everywhere in Netherlands. Do not think much and book Amsterdam Air Tickets to witness the best in the city.

Other Places to Visit

Some of the best places to visit are Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum. The compact city center is must watch for walking around. The city also has excellent tram system and one of best public transport. The nightlife of the city is centered on Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein which are just few kilometers apart. These places are surrounded by bars, restaurants, famous coffee shops, nightclubs and outdoor terraces for eating and drinking. The best place for recreation is the city’s Vondelpark which offers an oasis of greenery in the city center. You can also try some sophisticated cocktail bars by booking Amsterdam Flights.

De Wallen: the Red Light District of Amsterdam

Keeping the morals aside do dare to visit De Wallen or De Walletjes which is one of the largest and popular red light districts in Amsterdam. Since prostitution is legal in Netherlands any adult can go for paid sex. Especially De Wallen is one of the major tourist attractions of the place as it stands in the heart of the oldest part of city. The most iconic thing about this place is that De Wallen comprises of an array of alleys that approximately comprises of one hundred small room cabins that are rented by prostitutes to offer sexual services to their clients from behind the glass door or window illuminated by red light. The other things that attract tourists to this place are sex shops, sex theatres, a sex museum, a cannabis museum and number of coffee shops. Of late the Dutch government is already downsizing brothels because the city council of Amsterdam at the request of mayor Job Cohen is concerned about human trafficking and pimping in this area.


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