Thursday, 20 June 2013

Top 5 Things Not to Do in Paris

Every tourist knows that Paris is a huge city with endless number of things. This ‘City of Lights’ and ‘City of Stinky Cheese’ is visited by millions with cheap airlines tickets to Paris due to its legendary seductive charms and for other reasons like inviting sidewalks, gleaming boutiques, pavement cafés, world class museums and multi-cuisine restaurants which makes Paris appear like  runway models- smart, confident and beautiful.

So, here are 5 things not to do in Paris:

Do Not Buy Luxury Goods

Though it is fashion capital but do not go to Paris with a thought that luxury goods will be cheaper. This is because French luxury goods need to keep their image in global market. You should come out of the idea that just because Paris is home for luxury goods and are manufactured in France does not mean that tourist will get a discount.  All fine things take lot of time and dedication to come out as finished product. So do not dream coming here that a Louis Vitton bag, a Chanel jacket or a Hermes boot will cost you less rather they are all high priced here.

Do Not Order from a La Carte Menu

If you think that going out for a dinner at in a fancy restaurant will let you enjoy the best of French cuisine then you might be mistaken. With low budget flights to Paris from UK, definitely on your trip you would like get the best of wine and authentic cheese. So, instead of just going around and picking food stuffs go for prix fixe menu which is an economical way to enjoy variety of things in a platter. But do not go for something which has been labeled as ‘tourist menu’ because you will not find much option and often find that they skimp on portions.

Holiday to Paris is Not Halloween

When you are in Paris you are not expected to look like a Parisian so, do not don a beret, wear thin moustache, striped shirt, and a red handkerchief. This is because when you go to Texas; do you throw spurs in your boot and wear a 10 gallon hat on your head then why here? You are on a holiday not in a Halloween party. Do not be like others who wear a kimono on visiting Japan.

Restrict Shopping on the Champs-Elysees:  The Champs-Elysees is the most breathtaking avenues in the world but over the years its fortunes has risen and fallen many times. Presently it is filled with global chain stores, movie multiplexes and auto dealership.  This place draws many label lovers and you too will be tempted to purchase that a bag from Vuitton store but say a  big ‘No’ to yourself.  If you happen to pass through McD or Sephora you will teenagers crowding the place.  Do not stop to eat in these places because the restaurants and cafes prey on tourists whereas it is not that easy to fool a local.

Do not Get Nosey French people like to have their own privacy and will wait till you know them quite well before divulging their private details. So do not get nosey as French are reserved people.

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