Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Photography Getaway to Venice: Capture this Magical City in Pictures

Venice: the Photography Destination

Venice reminds you of gondolas, canals and lip smacking Italian restaurants. It is definitely a city on one’s wish list as you can witness the pristine waterfront palazzos, breathtaking palaces, amazing churches and the drifting canal that make you feel like seeing a beautiful painting. To visit real Venice you need to experience the opera or visit a classical music performance, taste some fresh pasta and pastries, and of course linger in the city’s art gallery. For shopping freaks Piazza San Marco is almost a retreat.

Even if you are romantic at heart, Venice promises to take your breath away so that the city can be experienced with your eyes and mouth- almost split wide open. According to travel experts, it is one of the top travel cities of Europe with its romantic, beautiful and attractive destination. Its small traffic-free streets are excellent to walk through the city. You will also find magnificent palaces, churches, interesting shops and lively squares. For this you need to book cheapest flight tickets to Venice.

Famous Places to Capture in Pictures

Visitors will be surprised to know that Venice comprises of 117 bodies of land that are connected with 400 bridges and 15 canals. The Grand Canal is the main street that cuts across the main city center. Touring around Venice and clicking the pictures of its iconic monuments can be quite adventurous but sometimes language barrier can prove to be obstacle but this journey is worth remembering because you get to witness the interesting landmarks of Venice and places of interest. If you really want to go back home with a wonderful collection of pictures  then  visit, explore, see and tour the places where you will find artisans, situation and people which would otherwise be difficult to come across. You can walk through the off-beaten tracks to witness the most important landmarks and monuments. Explore and witness all these by booking low budget flights tickets to Venice.

Here are some must see places in Venice:

Venice is wonderfully nestled in the Veneto Region of Italy which makes it easy to catch and leave. Here are wonderful getaways to catch within few hours of this incredible city.

Verona: This medieval and splendid city has much to offer to its visitors and is reputation alone inspired by Shakespeare to pen down two historical dramas-Romeo and Juliet and the Gentlemen of Verona. Capulet is so called Juliet’s House which draws millions of tourists every year and many are keen on re-enacting the balcony scene, but do not miss the Palazzo and Roman amphitheater.

Vicenza: The history of this place dates back to pre-Roman times but the city is more popular due to a Renaissance figure, Andrea Palladio. He is one of the prominent figures in Western architecture as he has built more than 20 buildings including Basilica Palladiana, the Palazzo Chiericati and the Teatro Olimpico.

The other places to visit are Padua, Milan, Brescia and Lake Garda.

One of the best things to buy in Venice is the Venetian glass which is found in the island of Murano and a specialty of that place. Even carnival masks make a wonderful gift and souvenirs. So get the best of photographs from this vacation and book cheap flight tickets to Venice.


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